Homestays that embrace a traditonal atmosphere

Kannur Homestay

Kannur is the largest city of the North Malabar region and rich in tourist attractions. Blue mermaid is just 8kms away from the Kannur city. In the traditional land of Kannur, Blue mermaid lies the Thottada backwater and on the right, it blends in the sea. The structure of the homestay have been painstakingly made by traditional artisans using time tested methods and implements. You can enjoy the gracious host’s hospitality and relish that distinctive cuisine, influenced by the long coastal line, flavored by the all-pervasive coconut, enriched with exotic fruits, vegetables, and seafood and garnished with the distinctive aroma of spices. various On-demand services like visit Theyyam Dance,Ayurveda Massage,Martial Arts,Dental Treatment,Sightseeing

Imagine yourself lurking within the tranquil waves of the cool blue sea then swinging playfully through the soft green backwater ,dancing to the tune of nature’s symphony, That’s exactly what you are feeling while whiling away your leisure at the golden sands of ‘Blue Mermaid’ homestay. Traditional houses and bamboo cottages are offered as accommodation. The Blue Mermaid houses have slanting thatch roofs that shelter beautifully decorated interiors and a porch to relax. The structures are painstakingly made by traditional artisans using time tested methods and implements. All modern amenities and safety features are catered for, to make sure that, you blend in with nature comfortably and safely. faraway from the madding crowd, within the land of looms & lores, the normal Kannur; Blue mermaid is simply 8kms faraway from the Kannur city, guest have this threshold thottada backwater on the proper side blending soothingly into the deep blue sea. The sunset here is amazingly romantic to the young and therefore the young at hearts. And you ‘


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